Every glove is made to meet high performance level. It offers safety features that withstand to the test and Protect your hands from common cuts and other hazards.


Abrasion resistant gloves are used for situations where mechanical wearing and damage can occur. It is more durable and has longer product life.

SkidAnti-skid gloves are designed to prevent skidding and slipping. These gloves have rough surface that prevents friction.

Chemical resistant gloves are used to protect hands against a wide range of harsh liquids and chemicals like acids and solvents.

Give that warmth and comfort in cold work environment.

Cut resistant gloves are designed to protect the hands from cut hazards while working with sharp tools and equipment.


Gloves with ergonomic shape are made to minimize physical effort and discomfort to maximize workers efficiency.


Excellent grip gloves are contoured with creases and coatings. It also enhanced grip and gives cushion in critical areas of hands.

Food safety gloves protect the hands against chemicals and substances while keeping foods away from direct hand contact.

Impact resistant gloves protect the hands against vibration and impact injuries. It provides padded protection in critical areas of the hand.

Oil resistant gloves are impermeable and works best in damp or greasy environments. It helps you grip objects securely yet gives tactile feel.

Puncture resistant gloves gives protection against injuries caused by wires, nails, glass fragments, wood splinters and all types of needles.

Small parts assembly requires hand protection because hazards are also encountered on small objects. The same time good grip glove helps you perform well.